Beach FC's Travel Players commit to play for a full seasonal year; therefore, they have an annual fee which is payable in seven installments. Payments can be made online by logging in to your Beach FC account or by mailing a check to the Beach FC office on or before each payment due date. Questions or concerns regarding the payment schedule can be emailed to



Fees for the 2022-2023 Season


2021-2022 Academy and Travel Fees - ALL INCLUSIVE

Beach FC is a nonprofit organization and we do not have any hidden fees. Are you looking for some help in paying your fees, check out our fundraising page.

What do my Travel and Academy fees cover?

  • League Fees and Governing Organization Fees***
  • Tournament/Non-League Event Fees***
  • VYSA/US Club Player Pass***
  • Coaches' Travel Expenses***

***Fees that other clubs do not always include in their listed costs***

  • Coaching Salaries (Beach FC makes it a priority to obtain and hire one of the best coaching staffs in the state of Virginia)
  • Coaching Education
  • Risk Management and Coaches background checks
  • Facility Usage Fees
  • Goalkeeper Training
  • Sports Performance Program (older teams)
  • Technical/Functional Training (younger teams)
  • College Guidance Program
  • Individual and small group College Research and Prep. Program
  • Club Website Hosting & Development Fees
  • Club Operating Expenses (insurance, online registration, additional club overhead)
  • Staff Salaries
  • Professional Fees (CPA, etc.)
  • Need-based Financial Aid Program
  • PlayMetrics

Program fees do not include

  • Uniform items
  • Optional off-season programs (futsal, summer training, etc.)
  • Personal Travel Expenses
  • Additional Events not Covered in Fees

REFUND POLICY: Click here to view our refund policy


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