Recreation Uniform



2008(U13) - 2005(U16) players are required to purchase a uniform

After you have confirmed your jersey number with Tammy Renshaw (email Tammy), you will follow the below instructions.

The complete uniform and supplimental pieces may be purchased through at anytime once the player has been officially added to his/her team. 

Should you have any issues ordering your uniform please reach out to directly either by email at or by phone at 1-800-950-1994.




Recreation Uniform

2017(U4) - 2009(U12)
Every player will be provided a "game day" t-shirt, players can weare shorts/pants of their choosing.


For All Recreation Players
In addition to the registration fees, our league requires each player to be equipped with the following:

· Shin guards (covered by socks) for practices and games - Cleats are optional
· Soccer ball for practice (Beach FC will provide a game day soccer ball),
· Water bottle

thank you

thank you


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