Supplemental Advanced Tryout Information

Every January, Beach FC hosts a supplemental tryout for the VB Advanced program. This is intended to evaluate and fill current rosters with supplemental players to ensure they are at full playing strength. In the past, new teams have been formed; this cannot be determined until after the tryout is conducted.


Here is the tryout schedule for Thursday, January 17th, 2019




Age Group




Thursday, January 17th, 2019 


Virgina Beach ONLY

U9 Through U19



Turf 6

Turf 8



Hampton Roads Soccer Complex (HRSC) Address: 2276 Recreation Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23456


 For clarification regarding the Supplemental Tryout:

  • Supplemental means that you are evaluated based on the following criteria 1) roster spots available on existing Advanced teams and 2) your son/daughter was evaluated as Advanced caliber of play.
    • In the event that tryout attendance for a specific age group is large, we will look to form new teams if the caliber of play is deemed advanced.
    • All our teams will need the leadership of a volunteer coach.

Advanced Tryout Registration Information:


  1. All players MUST be registered to tryout in Blue Sombrero. 
  2. Each player should bring a soccer ball and water to the tryout.  Players should wear appropriate athletic attire, shin guards, cleats, and soccer socks covering the shin guards.
  3. Each player will be issued a tryout number to be worn on their shorts for easy visibility. Please do not put the number on the player’s shirt.
  4. Each player will be responsible for returning and wearing the same number at any successive tryout sessions, so please do not lose it. 
  5. It is strongly recommended that players attend all scheduled days of the tryout.  Each player will be given the best opportunity to be evaluated when attending all scheduled days.  If a player is unable to attend a day of tryouts, please notify the Beach FC Recreational Director of Coaching at
  6. At the conclusion of tryouts for each age group, each player will be notified via email or phone of the tryout results, within one week of the last day of tryouts.  Please do not call the office inquiring of selections within one week of tryouts. This only serves to delay our notifications. The club works hard to notify all players in a timely fashion.
  7. Non-selected players will also be notified. 
  8. The goal of Advanced tryouts is to place players in the best level developmentally and provide an evaluation for each participating player.  If any player shows exceeding promise, it is recommended that they try out for the travel program with Beach FC.  We have a place to play for every tryout player.
  9. All decisions will be made with the best interest of the child in mind. Adult considerations, political agendas, and exceptions to rules will not be factors in the tryout. Each player will be evaluated and placed at a level equivalent with their ability - for the good of the player alone. 
  10. A long term perspective will be used when forming teams at the Advanced level.  We want the players to be placed at a level in which they will continue to have fun, experience success, and be challenged appropriately for the long term.  Small transitional steps are used to gradually encourage players to fulfill their individual potential over time, their own highest level. 
  11. It is recommended that each player tryout for the highest level with Beach FC each year in order to continually challenge themselves.  It is a disservice to the player to assume they will not make a Travel team or an Advanced team before the tryout.  We encourage players to tryout!
  12. If players are not selected for higher level teams, additional tryouts are offered each year.  Not being selected for a Travel or Advanced team should serve as motivation to continue to work hard on one’s own time to improve and try again. This should not be seen as a failure in any way, but a means for evaluation and motivation. Remember tryouts are subjective by nature and coach opinions and evaluations will also vary. It takes courage and commitment just to attend tryouts, which should be seen as a positive first step. We value seeing players return to tryouts the following the year, showing a commitment to continually improve and the toughness to bounce back.
  13. Advanced level coaches will be selected from interested individuals based upon prior coaching experience, playing experience, and education. All Advanced Coaches must hold the USSF Coaching License (or equivalent). 
  14. The coaches selected to head teams in each age group will have control over the selection of players for their teams.  The coaches will base their decision not only on two tryout sessions but will also factor in input from their previous coach (if a coaching change has occurred) and the Technical Director.  Additional coaches will serve as evaluators to assist the team coaches.  Our Club believes this is the best way, out of many alternatives, to objectively select players for Advanced teams.
  15. The coaches selected to head the teams in each age group will have control over the frequency and location of their team’s practice.  In general, it is recommended that Advanced teams train a minimum of two times per week at a location central to the members of the team, based upon available field space and time constraints. 
  16. All Advanced Coaches are overseen by the full-time Recreation Technical Director.
  17. All Advanced Coaches are volunteers dedicating their time to help the children and provide a competitive venue and learning environment for kids to play this great game. If you are interested in volunteering as an Advanced Coach, please contact the Director of Coaching at
  18. Our Club’s Advanced teams play in a league called the Tidewater Advanced Soccer League, or TASL.  A typical season is 10 games long. A typical schedule, competing clubs, and information about the league can be found online at .  Travel is kept to a minimum and within the Hampton Roads area.  Games are typically played on Saturdays (with possible rare games on Sundays). Our home games are played at the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex (HRSC).  Away games are played at the sites of the competing clubs. 
  19. We look forward to seeing many of our players climb the club’s development ladder and reach our highest levels!  See you at tryouts!

If you have any additional questions about the tryout process, please contact the Recreation Director of Coaching at:


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